Scaleway metadata in Chef

Do you want to generate DNS records for all your running nodes ? Do you need to know the public ip address of your node to generate config ? What is the node IPv6 configuration ?

The ohai-scaleway cookbook ships an Ohai plugin that will allow you to answer easily to all those questions and more from within your chef recipes.

Getting the cookbook

The easier way to get the cookbook is to add it to your Berksfile:

cookbook 'ohai-scaleway', '~> 0.1.0'

and then run berks && berks upload to fetch the cookbook and upload it to your server.

Using it from your recipe

# metadata.rb

depends 'ohai-scaleway'

# recipes/default.rb

include 'ohai-scaleway'

# Get the node current public IPv4
public_ip = node['scw']['public_ip_address']

# Grab all the scaleway nodes with a public_ip
public_nodes = search(:node, 'scw:public_ip_address')

Getting the plugin into your ohai.plugin_path

The plugin is installed into /etc/chef/ohai/plugins, which is the default plugin install path but which is not included in the default plugin path (Huh?)

To solve this problem, you can either use the chef_client cookbook to manage your client configuration, change your bootstrap options or edit the file by hand.

If you’re using the chef_client cookbook to manage your configuration, you just need to add this line:

node.default[:ohai][:plugin_path] = node[:chef_client][:conf_dir] + '/ohai/plugins'


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